Drift-It Float


iFish 1/8oz soft & unbreakable casting float. Designed, constructed and patented by iFish company.
Comes in set of 3 floats.

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iFish Drift-It Float Bobbing

No water filling needed… add weight as needed. Use with 1/8″ pencil lead and bounce the bottom.

The Drift-it is a proprietary fishing float which is very unique and is designed to float on the top. Mid current or along the bottom of Streams, rivers or lakes. It works in response to the currents much like a hot air balloon response to the conditions within the atmosphere, the Drift-it is always trying to float because it’s specific gravity (.95) it’s 5% lighter than water, ballast added to the Drift-it will cause it to sink very lightly and slowly which is important for Drift fishing.

It is made in three sizes and will soon be available in 5 … Including a jumbo float for open water large lakes and for saltwater fishing, this float will be approximately 3 ounces in weight. Try the Drift-it you will be Hooked!

About as snagless as it gets… cast to rocks and drift undercuts.

iFish Drift-It Float Midstream


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