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What Is Freshwater Fishing


What Is Freshwater Fishing ?

FRESHWATER FISH are those that spend some or all of their lives in fresh water, such as rivers, streams, lakes and ponds. A little over 40% of all known species of fish are found in fresh water.

SALMON and other so-called anadromous fish species spend portions of their lives in both fresh and saltwater.

The reason some fish normally live in freshwater and others live in seawater is that one or the other environment provides them with opportunities that have traditionally contributed to their survival.

Approximately 1% of the earth’s surface is covered by freshwater, unfortunately a large percentage of it is already polluted. We need to be very protective of what we have, how we use it and how do we protect it. Eventually the freshwater migrates to the open ocean. Prior to reaching the ocean, a lot of this water moves through large bays ( example San Francisco Bay on the west coast of California ) these bays and backwaters Serve as large filters helping to cleanse our water with the rise and fall of the tides. How does this happen? Between the rising and falling of the tides there will be a peek high tide and a peek low tide. During the rising and falling movement caused by the tides, the waters are being rinsed and cleansed like the water in your washing machine, very similar to when your clothes are being cleaned.

The backwaters in our delicate ecosystems contain billions and billions of tiny organisms such as clams. Both freshwater and saltwater clams for example open during this title action close between tides and filter a lot of the pollutions that are in our waters. The changing of the tides is occurring four times per day approximate at six hour cycles daily worldwide. All of these backwaters sloughs and bays are the liver system and the kidneys of our planet earth constantly cleaning and scrubbing the water that keeps us alive.

The world is covered with 80% water and only 1% is fresh water. Fishing can be fun or relaxing. Now let's go enjoy this fresh water and fish while we can, life is short.

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