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  • Most reliable fishing Clasp using Oval/Round Split Rings February 15, 2016
    If your used to split rings and changing hooks by hand you just might like my set up. Attach a round split ring to an Oval split ring, tie your line t
  • Rod and reel give away! October 21, 2015
    Is open to all members The prize! • Shimano Sedona C3000 spinning reel. 8 ball bearings, aluminum ported spool with power handle. • 7Ft 3in me
  • DIY: Inline Hooks "for lures" September 1, 2015
    Found a way to make your own In-Line hooks by using a torch and heating up the hook near the eye, twist the eye 90 degrees so it's inline with the tip
  • How to reuse a Sabiki rig February 14, 2015
    Wrap the Sabiki around a styro foam then put inside a zip lock bag. One tip.. is to cut the Sabiki in half and tie


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