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  • Casting Bass Pro's Ocean Master 12' Rod! April 18, 2018
    Casting Practice Using A Newell 338 "Blackie" Conventional Reel! I've added 2 Heavy rated surf casters to my shoreline arsenal. Bass Pro's Ocean Ma
  • Installing Ceramic Bearings For My Newell Reel! February 16, 2018
    How To Install Ceramic Bearings Into A Blackie Newell 338-F Reel! Carl Newell was the innovator of the obsolete Newell Conventional Reel. To this d
  • Bobbers your uncle November 27, 2017
    What are your favorite bobber setups, situations and tips? I always feel like I should be using one when not getting bites, but I love to hate them
  • Pretty New Fisherman July 8, 2017
    I'm going camping/fishing with my friends in about 4 days. My reel up and broke on me this morning when i was trying to get ready. I used to use a bai


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